8 Great Reasons To Try Our Facebook Likes

Reason #1: We are inexpensive
$500 per month is your average Facebook Ads budget. $27 is our smallest package; per like that is around half a penny. Just give us a chance!


Reason #2: Our likes are real
Real human visitors who are interested in your page are the likes it will be receiving. For fake likes, just why would anyone pay?


Reason #3: Reputation Of Brand
If a company had 0 Facebook likes, would you buy from them? How about if they had 10? How about 583? The bottom line is that more likes means more popularity.


Reason #4: Social Signals
It is a proven fact; your Google rankings are proven to be increased by social signals like Facebook likes. Following this will be an increase in organic traffic and sales.


Reason #5: Custom URL
Without having a minimum of 25 likes, Facebook Fan pages cannot have a custom URL. To get you there and then some, we are a quick way!


Reason #6: Spark Activity
An increase in likes, Facebook Reach, conversations and other Facebook fan page activity has been shown to result from our promotion work.


Reason #7: Tax Deduction
Save your receipts! It is a tax write-off if this is for your business as a marketing expense.


Reason #8: Well-Known
Having been mentioned on Yahoo News, Examiner.com, NBC, Technorati and many more, we are critically acclaimed and a great reason to Buy Facebook Likes!



8 Great Reasons To Try Our Facebook Likes
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