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Unlike some other companies, our month-to-month contract means you can cancel any time, no questions asked. You won’t be locked into paying for 12 months if you’re not happy. If we don’t perform, we expect you to leave. How’s that for an incentive for us to keep increasing your business!


Regular Reporting


Our SEO Consultant will let you know exactly how well your campaign is performing. Through our online platforms you can analyse the progress of your campaign and see the work we are carrying out.




We help our partners create successful online advertising campaigns for their clients. We love working with like-minded partners to help create additional revenue streams.




Our revolutionary internet marketing service offering places the power firmly back in your hands. In order for us to get paid you have to be successful. We see our local clients as partners, not dollar signs.

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Here at Digital Associates, our aim is to take your business with SEO to the next level. With your website ranking on the first page in Malaysia, it will help to increase organic SEO traffic to your site which then converts into more leads and sales for your business.


As Malaysia SEO expert, we know that, when consumers looking for the best SEO services, it can often be difficult to find these keywords in your search, even if Malaysia ranks as the third largest city in Australia. As an innovative SEO agency Malaysia, we set new standards to SEO services.


Let us help you the same way we have helped hundreds of other local businesses achieve SEO success and increase their revenue.

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The SEO Experts Behind Digital Associate



We are very passioned about our online marketing strategy. We would love to use our internet marketing expertise to help your business. We have facilitated hundreds of businesses to achieve high-levels of success with services. As a digital marketing agency, we choose the clients we work with carefully based on a fair criteria for selection. We exclusively work with a limited amount of clients at any given time to ensure maximum attention to detail and your company’s ultimate success.


If you match the criteria listed and would like to meet up with us or our search engine marketing team personally to discuss what we can achieve for you and your business we’d love to find out more about your business. Simply fill out the form by clicking the button to your right, start an online chat with us, call us or Skype us.



We need to understand your business and get an idea of what you would like to achieve with our digital marketing services. We will throughly review your business goals, offers and the market to deliver a personalised plan to expand your revenue based on the same hugely successful online marketing process that’s generating millions for our clients.

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Stop Losing Leads To Your Competition


If you want to win more business online, you’re in the right place.

Whether you need a complete marketing package or just looking to start out online, we can help.

Key Benefits from SEO in Malaysia


Welcome to our website, we are Digital Associate and we are confident that your Google search for the term “SEO” is what landed you here. You may have been searching in one of the cities where we are ranked, or viewed one of our YouTube videos.


Some of the most competitive keywords used in conducting searches are SEO Company or SEO Services.


If the website for your business, services or products is not visible on page 1 of Google, it is obvious that you are losing valuable money to your competitors. You may question your need for a SEO Expert locally.


However, this has become the reality as the phonebook has been replaced by the smartphone and Internet in many homes. Consequently, persons tend to focus their searches locally to find the businesses that best satisfy their needs.


If your objective is to dominate your competition, then we can assist in getting your website mobile optimized and located high on Google. A free consultation and website analysis is available, along with a honest assessment of any changes that should be implemented, to successfully improve your business. The video provided lists the services we offer to ensure your business receives the turbo charge required. Get started today by contacting us immediately at 1300 933 925.


Why They Are The Best In Exposing Your Business To The World
Studies have proven that more than 90% of individuals will turn to search engines to look for products and services. So if they search a particular phrase, they expect search engines to bring results that are relevant to what they’re looking for. Unless your site is among those ranked at the top, chances that you’ll be found by a prospective customer is almost nil.

It’s everyone’s goal to capture leads that actually convert. Businesses across the world want to tap into the statistics above to take advantage of the 90% market share. This has led to the rise of all kinds of SEO techniques, some ethical while some completely unethical.

Another challenge that businesses have experienced is related to what we call bounce rate. When your website is tuned such that it’s seo-friendly, you expect it to reach the targeted customers, not just about everyone, including those who are not interested in what you’re offering. The problem is that some people call themselves ”professionals” when they aren’t. They are good at making your site rank well on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. However, they are not keen on targeting your ideal customers, so in as much as your site will receive good traffic, it’s considered poor quality traffic.

It’s not always about launching a website online and hoping to capture leads. Instead, there’s more to it. Competition is stiff when you market your products and services online. Apart from search engines, social media platforms also pose a series of challenges since you’ll find that all your competitors have pitched tend there, waiting to pounce on the very people you are targeting.

In short, online marketing is not for every Tom, Dick and Harry. Unless you pick the right professional, chances are that you’ll waste money and see no results both in the short and long term. You must realize that most of those who call themselves ”professionals” are into it because they want your money, so they’ll use shoddy tricks and once they can convince you that your site can be found in Google places, that’s it, they’re done with you!

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve been looking for someone who understands online marketing like the palm of their hands. Web marketing is broad, so we talk of things such as search engine optimization (both the technical and non-technical part of it), there’s data analysis, CRO and many others. At the end of it all, these segments are meant to expose you to the world and make you a leading brand because of the number of customers that keep consulting and buying from you.

Why Digital Associate Malaysia SEO Company is good at handling all aspects of internet marketing

Search engine experts at Digital Associate.au originated from a humble beginning in 2007. It comprised of two passionate internet marketers who wanted to give clients something different from what they were used to. The two internet marketers wanted to prove to the world that they could offer personalized, yet effective seo services to all businesses irrespective of their sizes.

As you can see, they are based in Melbourne, Australia. They have more than 70 staff members today, comprising of account managers, seo technicians and dedicated copywriters. Over the years, this seo company has achieved tremendous growth in all sectors relating to online marketing. They’ve always focused on their goal of tailoring their services to suite their client’s needs.

We would be lying to you if we said that this company was the best in the world, because there’s no such company. But we can admit with a straight face (going by the customer reviews we’ve seen) that it’s among the top-notch companies that provide diverse and quality seo services Malaysia to all businesses.

Services offered at Digital Associate
We’ve not come across a company that provides such a vast array of services. This seo company has divided their services into 4 major sections namely; seo and marketing strategies, social media marketing, data analysis and CRO. These are the 4 crucial parts that define whether a business succeeds online or not.

Under their seo marketing strategies, they have sub-categories that touch on everything, including PPC advertising, web promotions and many more. This is what they’ve mastered, so you get value for what you pay for.

Under social media marketing, they’ve touched on all aspects of social media, including blog and forum marketing. Leave your copy writing needs to Search Engine Experts and see the magic of playing with captivating words to draw even the most skeptic of customers. They don’t hesitate to get your site up running when you call them, since this is what they are good at.

Data analysis is another very important area that most seo companies don’t get right. Sometimes they have the right knowledge on how to analyze the data but they are too quick since they are money-oriented instead of being customer-oriented, so clients end up getting mediocre results because they approached just anyone who promised to push their site to the number one spot on Google places.

But wait, data analysis is the most important aspect of internet marketing. You can’t market to someone you don’t know. You have to study the trend and come up with strategies that hit on those trends spot-on. You have to understand the behavior of your prospective clients online before putting yourself in a strategic position where you’ll be found. At SEO Malaysia, they understand that targeting the right people is very crucial if success is to be achieved online.

Under their CRO services, they tackle a wide variety of issues. For instance, if you have an e-commerce website, think about people who include items in shopping carts before abandoning them. All these things can bring confusion, ultimately affecting your profits. How about handling mobile commerce, interface design and many more? There’s just too much work here to do, and it only requires experience and passion for someone to do a tidy job for you.

Final words
Internet marketing is one investment that can yield results if done correctly. The problem is that most businesses don’t know where to look, so they settle for anyone who comes their way. Listen, you don’t have to turn your business into statistics of those who’ve failed. Instead, you want success, which is why we recommend Search Engine Experts for your internet marketing needs.


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