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Unlike some other companies, our month-to-month contract means you can cancel any time, no questions asked. You won’t be locked into paying for 12 months if you’re not happy. If we don’t perform, we expect you to leave. How’s that for an incentive for us to keep increasing your business!


Regular Reporting


Our SEO Consultant will let you know exactly how well your campaign is performing. Through our online platforms you can analyse the progress of your campaign and see the work we are carrying out.




We help our partners create successful online advertising campaigns for their clients. We love working with like-minded partners to help create additional revenue streams.




Our revolutionary internet marketing service offering places the power firmly back in your hands. In order for us to get paid you have to be successful. We see our local clients as partners, not dollar signs.

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Here at Digital Associates, our aim is to take your business with SEO to the next level. With your website ranking on the first page in Singapore, it will help to increase organic SEO traffic to your site which then converts into more leads and sales for your business.


As Singapore SEO expert, we know that, when consumers looking for the best SEO services, it can often be difficult to find these keywords in your search, even if Singapore ranks as the third largest city in Australia. As an innovative SEO agency Singapore, we set new standards to SEO services.


Let us help you the same way we have helped hundreds of other local businesses achieve SEO success and increase their revenue.

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The SEO Experts Behind Digital Associate



We are very passioned about our online marketing strategy. We would love to use our internet marketing expertise to help your business. We have facilitated hundreds of businesses to achieve high-levels of success with services. As a digital marketing agency, we choose the clients we work with carefully based on a fair criteria for selection. We exclusively work with a limited amount of clients at any given time to ensure maximum attention to detail and your company’s ultimate success.


If you match the criteria listed and would like to meet up with us or our search engine marketing team personally to discuss what we can achieve for you and your business we’d love to find out more about your business. Simply fill out the form by clicking the button to your right, start an online chat with us, call us or Skype us.



We need to understand your business and get an idea of what you would like to achieve with our digital marketing services. We will throughly review your business goals, offers and the market to deliver a personalised plan to expand your revenue based on the same hugely successful online marketing process that’s generating millions for our clients.

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Keyword Research

Social Media

Content Outreach

Link Building

White Label Reports

Stop Losing Leads To Your Competition


If you want to win more business online, you’re in the right place.

Whether you need a complete marketing package or just looking to start out online, we can help.

Key Benefits from SEO in Singapore


Welcome to our website, we are Digital Associate and we are confident that your Google search for the term “SEO” is what landed you here. You may have been searching in one of the cities where we are ranked, or viewed one of our YouTube videos.


Some of the most competitive keywords used in conducting searches are SEO Company or SEO Services.


If the website for your business, services or products is not visible on page 1 of Google, it is obvious that you are losing valuable money to your competitors. You may question your need for a SEO Expert locally.


However, this has become the reality as the phonebook has been replaced by the smartphone and Internet in many homes. Consequently, persons tend to focus their searches locally to find the businesses that best satisfy their needs.


If your objective is to dominate your competition, then we can assist in getting your website mobile optimized and located high on Google. A free consultation and website analysis is available, along with a honest assessment of any changes that should be implemented, to successfully improve your business. The video provided lists the services we offer to ensure your business receives the turbo charge required. Get started today by contacting us immediately at 1300 933 925.


Digital Associate is an SEO company Singapore with plenty to offer. If you have thought all SEO was the same or that it is too expensive to hire a professional, you are wrong! This is a company that can help you to make sense of it all. If you don’t have effective SEO in the works, then your business is going to suffer!

About Digital Associate
The company was established in 2003 by three professionals. All of them were in the realm of website development. They were tired of seeing companies of various sizes and types being taken advantage of when it came to SEO services in Singapore. They also felt that not enough time or energy was put into really finding out what each of these business was about our what their vision was. Instead, the businesses were getting the same canned designed at a high cost.

The team at Digital Associate brings creativity, honesty, and affordability to the world of SEO. They take pride in being able to deliver tremendous value for the money that you pay for those services. They also strive to work one on one with their customers so that they can really get to know what they are looking for.

If you have any questions, they will help you. SEO can be an unknown world, but they can help to get your questions answered. They offer some of the best quality of customer service that you will find from an Singapore SEO company.

Clients love that Digital Associate always follows through on what they tell them they will offer. They provide a free initial consultation. When a decision is made to go forward with the SEO services Singapore, everything they say they will offer is provided. They have a philosophy that they will always treat their customers like they want to be treated.

Some clients are uneasy to work with Digital Associate initially. Why? They wonder what they aren’t going to offer if they can provide services at a cost significantly lower than their competitors. They also worry that there may be hidden fees or costs later on. However, the company has proven time and time again that they stand by what they offer and they always deliver quality SEO services.

A big part of this ability stems from Digital Associate using Open Source Software. This allows them to deliver quality SEO services. It allows them to significantly identify problems and then to offer solutions that are aimed at the overall goals for the company. This software also makes it possible for those services and solutions to be offered at a lower price than you will find with many other SEO companies out there.

If you aren’t familiar with Open Source Software, it is a valuable tool due to the flexibility it offers. It is considered to be one of the best applications out there in terms of quality production. Digital Associate uses a variety of applications that fall under this umbrella to consistently offer amazing results. There are literally hundreds of websites out there that were created by Digital Associate. However, they all look so different from each other that the average person would never guess they all originated from the same provider.

Engaging with the Client
Digital Associate realizes that SEO can be intimidating, but they also realize that it can be a barrier. They do all they can to break that barrier and to engage with each client. They will take the time to listen to what a business wants, what they need, and where they wish to take the business. They also look at what is being used right now so that they can determine how well it is working. This allows them to identify and propose improvements/changes.

There is a four step process involved in the process while engaging with the clients:

· Planning
· Building
· Promoting
· Measuring
The client gets to be involved and to provide their input relating to SEO every step of the way. The end result of this means that the Singapore SEO practices and services are an excellent match for that particular business.

Additional Services
There are a multitude of services that are also offered by Digital Associate in addition to SEO. Many of them may be of interest to your business. They can help you to customize a plan of action that works on many levels. Not only getting recognition for your business, but also improving overall reputation and increasing sales. These additional services offered include:

· Mobile Development
· Online Strategies
· Social Media
· Website Design
· Website Development
If you aren’t sure where to begin, just pick up the phone and call Digital Associate or contact them online. You aren’t going to get a fast talking sales pitch. Instead, you are going to get a friendly person that is patient and willing to assist you. They can answer your questions. They can also ask you some questions to help offer their feedback about the types of services they believe would be right for your business.

There is no obligation to talk to someone, but once you do, it is going to entice you to continue moving forward! There aren’t any games, gimmicks, or disappointments with this company. They strive to offer the best services around. They are definitely unique in their personalized touches and their dedication. They are about providing services and solutions, not about taking your money like so many other SEO companies around. Give them the chance to show you what they can do for your business!

There is no question that Digital Associate is one of the best SEO agency Singapore out there you can pick form. They know what has to be done to get your content in the eyes of your target audience. At the same time, they use fresh and creative ideas to make it happen that are going to be appealing and enticing for your audience. The impression they get from your business is going to be one that encourages them to buy your product or service. You can check out their portfolio and case studies at our website.


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