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Increase the revenue your website makes for your local business. As your website becomes more visible on Google more people will visit it leading to an increase your revenue.




Our SEO Consultant will let you know exactly how well your campaign is performing. Through our online platforms you can analyse the progress of your campaign and see the work we are carrying out.




We help our partners create successful online advertising campaigns for their clients. We love working with like-minded partners to help create additional revenue streams.




Our revolutionary internet marketing service offering places the power firmly back in your hands. In order for us to get paid you have to be successful. We see our local clients as partners, not dollar signs.

Increase Online Exposure


Give your business the exposure it deserves locally by dominating the rankings and your competitors on Google.

Growing New Customer Base


Our services helps to drive more local customers from local city to your website, products, and services than any other online marketing strategies.

Increase Revenue


Watch as your company grows in your city from a new stream of revenue and customers who want to purchase your goods and services.

Pay for Performance SEO


Our most popular Package ever. If you are qualified for pay for performance . We will work for free on your online marketing campaign until your ROI pays for the monthly search engine optimization costs by itself. For more details please read our client criteria or get in touch with one of our Consultants.

Online Reputation Management


Do you have too many bad online reviews that is not helping your business reputation? We can help you to push down the bad reviews and encourage new customers to add good reviews while improving your services or issues your clients are facing. We successfully help clients Quokka, Gumtree,Yellow pages and many more.

Local SEO Packages


These package can be bought  alone, in multiple numbers for one or multiple target keyword groups. We usually recommend to wait 3 month until you can see effective results from this campaign.

Profit Share SEO


This Package works like any other affiliate network on the internet. We help you to sell your product or services. Based on our agreement, you are sharing a percentage off your profit, while we help your business to grow with online marketing.

Brand Building & Protection


Build out your brand and protect yourself from scammers. It not only help you that way, but also with Search Engine Rankings. Many companies underestimate how important it is to have an established brand on every social platform where you customers are hanging out. We can help you to establish your brand online, manage and interact with your customers online.

E commerce Website SEO


You have an e commerce website with 1000+ products and wish to increase rankings on the search engines for local and national keywords? We have the perfect solution for you. We worked with hundreds of big e commerce sites internationally and successfully solved all their ecommerce problems.

Premium SEO


Our Search Engine Domination service at its finest. Premium service is popular among our old customers. They know we deliver what we promise, that’s why many of our clients prefer to go all out with the best service they can find. This package includes brand building & exposure for the local market besides our normal packages.

Local Lead Generation


If you have a local business and no website or no time to take care of a website. Let us help you. We build and setup your local service website. We rank it on Google and other search engines. We can also setup multiple websites and rank these for the same keywords to dominate your market in your city.

Become a SEO Reseller


Perfect if you are not into Search Engine Optimisation, but would like to offer your clients a reliable service with our white label reseller service.

SEO Penalty Recovery


We prefer to start our advertising campaigns on a fresh website. But many customers are coming from other “expert” providers and are already penalized by bad or outdated practises advertising campaigns. This is why we recommend a Penalty Audit & Penalty Recovery in case of any sign of a Manual or Algorithmic penalties.

SEO On Site Audit


Most webmasters are overwhelmed by the information flow about online marketing. We are here to help and make On Site Optimization as simple as possible. We have done this for years and understand how what is important or not, so nobody is wasting time and energy on unwanted tasks.

SEO Off Site Audit


Many websites are penalized by link properties that they have no control over. We can help you to audit each link Google see as important. Determined their importance and if needed outreach to the link owner to remove the unnecessary links that is pointing to your website.

Let’s Take The Next Step and Work Together


Here at Digital Associate, we are very passioned about our online marketing strategy. We would love to use our internet marketing expertise to help your business. We have facilitated hundreds of businesses to achieve high-levels of success with services. As a digital marketing agency, we choose the clients we work with carefully based on a fair criteria for selection. We exclusively work with a limited amount of clients at any given time to ensure maximum attention to detail and your company’s ultimate success.


If you match the criteria listed and would like to meet up with us or our search engine marketing team personally to discuss what we can achieve for you and your business we’d love to find out more about your business. Simply fill out the form by clicking the button to your right, start an online chat with us, call us or Skype us.



We need to understand your business and get an idea of what you would like to achieve with our digital marketing services. We will throughly review your business goals, offers and the market to deliver a personalised plan to expand your revenue based on the same hugely successful online marketing process that’s generating millions for our clients.

Looking to grow a healthy productive business?

Our campaigns can help you achieve your business revenue goals. We’ve helped a number of clients obtain large amounts of growth in a relatively short amount of time.

Increase your business efficiency

Our clients run smarter businesses. If you’re running an SEO or Adwords campaign and you are looking for more leads our team of experts can help.

Do you love what you do?

We love working with like minded businesses who love what they do. If you’ve got a great setup and want to find out how you can do business smarter, talk to one of our Associates today.

We’ve Worked With Great Companies

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digital associate logoWelcome to our website, we are Digital Associate and we are confident that your Google search for the term “SEO” is what landed you here. You may have been searching in one of the cities where we are ranked, or viewed one of our YouTube videos.


Some of the most competitive keywords used in conducting searches are SEO Company or SEO Services.


If the website for your business, services or products is not visible on page 1 of Google, it is obvious that you are losing valuable money to your competitors. You may question your need for a SEO locally.


However, this has become the reality as the phonebook has been replaced by the smartphone and Internet in many homes. Consequently, persons tend to focus their searches locally to find the businesses that best satisfy their needs.


If your objective is to dominate your competition, then we can assist in getting your website mobile optimized and located high on Google. A free consultation and website analysis is available, along with a honest assessment of any changes that should be implemented, to successfully improve your business. The video provided lists the services we offer to ensure your business receives the turbo charge required. Get started today by contacting us immediately at 1300 933 925.



Why Everything You Know About SEO might be wrong. This is why you probably are looking for a reliable SEO service.


Understanding the simple truth SEO marketing
Some years back, advertising was a very simple and straight forward thing. All you had to do back then was place your ads in newspapers and magazines and expect an increase in both turnover and profit. That was the picture of advertising in the pre-internet service era. These days, the game has changed so if you want to succeed in the internet advertising age, you have to change as well. Most people do not look at the services on yellow pages and many people do not look at newspapers and magazine ads.


Close to 100% of prospective customers find goods and services online by carrying out a Google search.


Now, if your business does not show up near the top of Google search results, you are losing potential clients and losing potential profits too.


Note that up to 1.8 billion searches are made prospective customers who are looking for goods and services online. In simple English, this means that there are millions of people looking for your company or services every day. If these people cannot find you, how will they patronize you?


As a smart business owner, you cannot let the other guy get a larger market share than you have. If you let this happen then you have let your rivals take money out of your pocket.


Local SEO Services works like a charm
Digital Associate can do a lot to make your business grow online. This is because we are experts at SEO and we can figure out the perfect roadmap for your business, whether is a small local business or big nationwide company. You need to talk to our SEO expert who will provide you with a transparent insight, how you are able to get a great return of investment through bringing your brand online with different strategies, such as our seo service. You will work with an SEO professional to get the best SEO practices for your money out online.


Searches lead to sales
Sales lead to profit
Profit leads to business success.


Digital Associate services will definitely help you get greater online visibility for your website. Our service helps your brand to increase your online visibility so that your website will show up on Google search results for all your target keywords. What you need is an effective localized SEO service that will attract customers from your area to your website. Once you have regular traffic to your site, your conversion rate will go up and your firm will grow.


Get in touch with our SEO expert with a simple phonecall or send an email today and our SEO consultants will promptly reply to your email or questions.


Most of what you think you know about SEO services is likely wrong, like trying to use SEO domains or leverage multiple IP Blocks and all that other nonsense you read or a website or some tech guru sold you on.


SEO services are pretty straight forward if you stop worrying about your Google Rankings and start worrying about how people find you.


You’d think that is the same thing, but it is not. You’re trying to rank for a keyword. Today SEO is about predicting what someone is going to search for, not trying to own a keyword. Solve their problem with your services.


Don’t waste more time with thinking about what online marketing services you should start with. Get in touch with our consultants and let us help you.



How does Digital Associate’s SEO Service work?


Are you looking for cost-effective SEO services to stimulate on-going progress for your business? Then these SEO strategies are probably the most ideal for you.


But how do things work at Digital Associate Australia? What SEO services and strategies are available?


We’re able to offer our clients the following SEO strategies:


Strategy 1: Pay On Results SEO
The Pay On Results strategy is ideal for those who are unsure about SEO services, how they work, or who just want to try it out first before really getting into it.


Basically, this strategy is effective because you only need to pay a small fee to get things going. If Digital Associate Australia does not produce and fulfil the set of guarantees originally discussed; then you won’t have to pay a cent.
Strategy 2: Bespoke SEO Solutions
Everyone is probably well-aware that when it comes to online marketing and creating effective business solutions – there’s simply no silver bullet. This is why Digital Associate Australia offers custom solutions intended to suit the individual needs of your business; regardless of which industry or market you operate in.


The SEO experts at Digital Associate Australia will work with you closely to design an SEO strategy which best suits the objectives of your business.


SEO Consultation
Initially, Digital Associate Australia will need to discuss with you what the requirements of your business are, to find out exactly how it is that we can help you. It’s also likely there’s a couple questions we’ll need to ask you about your Website; including about what it’s purpose is, as well as any other questions that our SEO specialists might have.


For those who don’t have a Website yet – that’s OK – because we can still talk with you to discuss how the design of your site will impact your SEO opportunities.


When you are pleased with what we suggest we can deliver; the following elements of an SEO strategy are usually found within our SEO packages:


Content Development and On-Site Optimisation
Creating content for your site can often be an exceedingly tricky task. Fortunately, the expert SEO specialists at Digital Associate Australia understand very well how Google ranks and indexes Websites for their search engine.


On-site SEO revolves around using the most appropriate keywords or phrases and placing them in specific parts of a Web page. The main aim is to allow Google to effectively crawl each Web page, prior to indexing it for the targeted keywords.
Competition and Market Analysis
This is primarily where we take a look at your industry and find the most profitable and highly searched-for keywords, terms and phrases. In this stage, we will also check out some of the market opportunities that might be available within your niche.


Competitor analysis is also of quite a large importance. We will look at who your main competition is, as well as what some of their SEO strategies are. Then, we might even be able to look at some of the ways in which they can be out-ranked.
Campaign Tracking and Reporting
Arguably one of the best aspects of SEO services is the fact that the results are extremely measurable and open for analysis. The SEO experts at Digital Associate Australia believe that reporting should be free.


It’s also our belief that tracking and reporting should always be kept up to date and monitored. We will deliver all reports to you on time and completely free as soon as they are available.
Off-Site Optimisation and Link Building Techniques
Inbound links which are of the best quality appear to be the most effective to use for link building. Digital Associate Australia uses only the safest and most advanced forms of link building techniques, with an emphasis placed on creating a natural (yet diverse) link profile. The end-result here is usually of higher rankings, combined with more consistent, long-term SERP movement.
SEO Campaign Managers With Knowledge and Experience
Each of our valued clients at Digital Associate Australia get their very own personal SEO Campaign Manager who will be able to make sure your SEO campaign is running smoothly and on-track.


Our Campaign Managers are SEO specialists who are highly experienced and know how to get results for your business.


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If you want to win more business online, you’re in the right place.

Whether you need a complete marketing package or just looking to start out online, we can help.

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