Inbound Marketing Effectively Targets Buyers


The Internet has completely transformed how the public acquires information on products and services and ultimately makes purchase decisions. As much as 80% of business-to-business purchases have been decided before buyers contact sales departments. Thus it is essential to change the way you market your business to be successful in today’s environment.


One of newer ways businesses can change is through inbound marketing, which focuses on creating quality SEO content tuned into buyers’ interests. Businesses subsequently distribute that content through email, social media and similar online channels to interest potential customers in its products or services.


Hubspot notes that inbound marketing is the most effective online marketing tool as the practice produces 54% more leads than other tools such as direct mail and traditional advertising.



How Inbound Marketing Operates
Businesses need to develop a keen understanding of their potential audience and what information these buyers require when searching for solutions to their needs. With that information in hand, you can create and distribute the valuable content that attracts real clients to your websites. Content can include vehicles such as eBooks, blogs, videos, webinars and similar information.


To receive such information, potential customers must provide their contact information through online forms. Once this information is received, those customers become actual leads, which may subsequently be targeted at appropriate times during multiple stages of contact until those individuals are ready for interaction with your sales team.


Companies in any industry can benefit from inbound marketing, including software businesses, healthcare entities and specialty marketers. Companies marketing to other businesses as well as to consumers as a whole are increasing their marketing budgets and augmenting their overall marketing staffs with inbound marketing experts. By adding this element to your marketing program, you may experience significant improvement in attracting actual customers.


Inbound marketing using SEO content & social media to drive traffic and get your pages discovered


In this video tutorial I explain what is inbound marketing, and how you can use it in the marketing efforts of your business by leveraging content that you create for SEO and social media to help you drive traffic to your site and get potential clients to discover your website, and content. And through that content people will discover the products or services you are selling.


Inbound marketing tutorial with tips, ideas & strategy to get organic inbound traffic with SEO and content marketing!


In this tutorial I explain what is inbound marketing, and how to do inbound marketing. I provide a number of strategies, tips, and ideas for things you can do to begin to drive traffic to your website today.


Inbound marketing is an extremely important component of most online marketing strategies. Inbound marketing is one of the gems of the Internet marketing because it can passively drive traffic to your website for a long time. There are a couple of reasons why it is so important and useful to get traffic using inbound marketing techniques and strategy. The first reason inbound marketing is so coveted is that it is scalable. The next reason this strategy of website promotion is so useful is that once an inbound marketing channel has been established, typically it remains in place for quite a while, which means that as a marketer you can move on and focus on establishing more and more inbound channels. And the next (and possibly the biggest) reason that inbound marketing is so popular and effective is that typically, the site visitors who come to your site via inbound marketing channels are more likely to convert into clients because they tend to be better leads since they are coming to you, and are likely seeking out whatever services or products you are offering.



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I hope this article on inbound marketing helps you drive more traffic and get clients.



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