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The team at Digital Associate look after a variety of SEO campaigns dealing with small to large business and across various industries. If you’re not sure what would work for your business get in touch with an associate today and we will advise you on the best package for your needs.

SEO Starter


SEO Starter Package


The starter pack gives you everything you need to start getting found on Google.


  • 1 website page optimised


  • 1 keyword group


  • 5 related keywords


SEO Intermediate


SEO Intermediate


Our intermediate pack is designed to get you more visibility and more leads.


  • 2 website pages optimised


  • 2 keyword groups


  • 10 related keywords


SEO Professional


SEO Professional


Our most popular pack gives you everything you need to get good online exposure.


  • 4 website pages optimised


  • 4 keyword groups


  • 20 related keywords


SEO Elite


SEO Elite


The elite pack gives you everything you need to dominate your industry.


  • 8 website pages optimised


  • 8 keyword groups


  • 40 related keywords



If your website doesn’t generate sales, inquires or show up in Google when people search for relevant information related to your site, then you need a good search engine optimization package. Luck for you because we have excellent SEO packages that can help your website get noticed, which means more money in your pockets.


If you have specific ideas for your project, you can contact us and we will discuss your project. We will speak with you and figure out how we can help improve your search position, as well as your bottom line.


SEO Packages We Offer
You need a plan of action and a good one, if you want your site to get noticed by the search engines. It would be ideal to hire someone to manage your site and get it working, but the reality is that this isn’t exactly always possible. This is why you should contact us and we will have an informal conversation about your needs.


Whether you have a brand new website or an established one, your site needs or will need ongoing support in terms of developing content, building links, as well as optimization.


The packages we offer include a chat about your objectives in regards to your business, an audit of any technical issues, installation of site activity tools and keyword research for four pages, as well as your site’s homepage. That’s not all though, as our packages also include reviews of your site’s authority, profile links of your competitors and review of your link profile and much more.


Here’s Why We Need To Discuss Your Objective
Before a project starts, it is important to find out what you want to achieve. This is exactly why we include this in every single SEO package we offer. We also include it because we want to find out what your current search related challenges are, as well as what your business challenges are.


Why Do We Analyse Your Competition
We do this for a few reasons, with one of them being that it can show us how hard it will be to rank for a specific type of keyword or phrase, and it will help us figure out where we can go to secure links.


Long story short, you should understand everything there is about your competition, and stay up to date with what they are doing, how they are doing it and so forth.


This Is Why We Do A Technical Audit
Sometimes Google doesn’t understand or read sites, and if this happens, then those sites might not show in the search results. Other things need to be addressed to, and this includes duplicate pages. This type of audit will ensure that your site is running the way it’s supposed to be running.


The Importance Of Keyword Research
Keyword research is important because it allows us to find out who are interested in your products and services. The tools that we use help us determine the best course of action, which leads to getting more search traffic, and that equals more sales and money for you and your business.


Info About Link Building
Search engines pay attention to how many links lead to your website, as well as where those links are placed. There are many types of link building techniques that can help your site get recognized by the search engines. Let us handle your link building strategy.


Why Do We Install Site Activity Tools
These types of tools allow us to find out how people discovered your site, as well as what they were searching for and what they looked at. In some cases, the tools will let you know where visitors are based and who they work for. These tools help you find out a lot of info about your visitors, which can help you create more effective advertising (PPC) campaigns and allows you to do many other things.


We Provide Written Advice
You should know that SEO isn’t something you just do real quickly and then can just leave it alone. A package is just the start, but you will need a plan and a strategy to continue to grow your online business. Don’t worry though because our package includes on-going SEO.


This Is Why You Need To Be An Authority
One of your main goals should be to become an authority in your niche. When you become an authority, then traffic will flow to your site on a regular basis, and it also means more and more sites will link to your site. When this happens, then you will enjoy getting even more traffic to your site.


We Review Historical Visitor Info
We do this because it can do your site good. For example, if you know that you have been receiving a lot of traffic from a specific search term, but you’re on page 2 of the search results, then imagine what would happen if you got to page one for that search term. The data we collect and review can help grow your site even more.


Reviewing Your Site’s Links And Your Competitors
We want to see how relevant your links are, as they could either be having a good effect on your site or a negative one. We check out your competition’s links because may provide a good opportunity for you to link your site to their site.


Other information
We will work on developing content for your site, as content is king and people look for content, and then link to it. We also analyze links because it helps us determine what links are performing well and which are not. Link building helps because it helps your site develop site popularity and authority, which means your site could end up getting a better rank in the search results.


Also, you don’t want to misuse social media. Instead, let us help you establish a solid social media presence, as well as handle your online reputation and link building by doing article marketing.


Blog marketing is another technique we will use, as this too can help your site increase in popularity and it is a good way to build links.


The Final Word
Different companies will have different views when it comes to SEO and the strategies used. Some companies believe that all SEO consist of is building links everywhere and anywhere. For example, some SEO providers don’t care where they place your links, which could harm your site’s ranking in the search engines. You cannot simply go to every forum, blog and page you come across and place a link on it. You need to take the time to figure out where you want to put your links, because the name of the game isn’t to get your money and put links in as many places as possible. The name of our game is to get your quality links and provide you with the best SEO methods around, as well as ongoing SEO that will ensure your site’s success.


If you are looking for the type of SEO company that charges expensive prices for their services, which includes spammy SEO methods that might only work in the short-term, then we are not what you are looking for. However, if you are looking for a great SEO company that takes your business seriously, then contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you.



Get The Best Local Citations for SEO

Our webinar on how to do awesome local SEO. Topics covered in this webinar include:

-How to setup you Google Plus+ / Google My Business / Local Places page
-How to audit / fix citations
-Where to get a local citation list
-What makes the best local citations
-And more!


Local SEO Package is a citation building service. You can order packages at our website



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Local SEO Packages
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