What is Pay For Performance SEO


At Digital Associate we’re committed to providing you with wholesale digital marketing solutions that you pay nothing for until they perform! We wanted to create a solution to revolutionise the market in Australia and to do this we bring you a complete, no contract, pay for performance search engine optimisation, SEO, campaign. So how does it work?


  • You choose between 5 to 40 keywords, or 1 to 10 keyword groups
  • Our team check out your website to make sure it’s up to scratch
  • We start working on your campaign
  • You don’t sign a contract and you don’t pay a thing!


Payments only kick in for your campaign when at least 50% of your keywords are on the first page of Google. As this is a complete pay for performance campaign if more than 50% of your keywords drop off the first page payments stop until your rankings return.



It is really a lot better to choose a performanced based SEO company since you pay for the results of your site rank. It is worth your money and you are not risking anything. Stay away from so-called experts and avail of our effective search engine optimization services and see your website rank in no time! performance based seo services




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What is Pay For Performance SEO
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