Real Time Bidding

Real Time Biding Is Unique Form Of Internet Advertising


Explaining Real Time Bidding


Commonly called RTB or real time media buying, RTB is a type of online marketing that allows potential customers to find your advertisement at the exact moment that it is useful for them. This marketing strategy is useful for virtually any sized business, from tiny companies to large, nationwide and multi-level corporations.



Because we are a real time bidding company, we can easily explain how this process works. Let’s invent a hypothetical situation where a customer is at a specific cross section on the Internet that is easy to determine via applications that track the user’s geographical location. If you own a nearby restaurant, you could target that customer at dinnertime to entice them to come in for a meal. Only recently has this type of granular advertising become available on the Internet.


Here’s another example. Let’s say you run a pain management clinic in San Jose, CA. Anytime a resident from San Jose is online and has performed a search to read about managing knee and spine pain, or something similar, the page the individual has searched via SEO can serve as an immediate advertisement for your business, prompting the potential client to click on your landing page to possibly secure an appointment.


One of the best features of this type of advertising is that it is substantially less expensive than traditional forms of Internet advertising such as Google Adwords and PPC, plus it also generates much more traffic at lower cost. Once your potential customer clicks, you can continue marketing ant targeting even if the visitor leaves the website.


Although this form of marketing is not yet widely know, it is expected to grow. As of this year, however, only a select number of marketing companies offer this services, with even fewer doing it well.


We are dedicated to providing this service to small and medium sized businesses that want to generate more leads and grow their companies. this form of advertising benefits all businesses, no matter what their industry. To learn more or to create your own RT campaign, fill out the form below or call us.


Real Time Bidding 101

What is real time bidding? How does real time bidding work? What are the benefits for digital marketers? Get answers to these questions and more in this brief video by AcuityAds.


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Real Time Bidding
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