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Most people first think of Facebook and Twitter when they first think of social media marketing, but plenty of other popular platforms are out there. The key to success with this kind of online marketing is to figure out which ones your target customers are using the most. Do they tweet and post on a regular basis? They may also be making professional contacts on LinkedIn or pinning their favorite images on their different Pinterest pinboards.


Digital Associate operates with the goal of putting you in total control of all your social media accounts on a daily basis. Your rates of success with social media promotion are based on your business’s unique set of objectives and challenges. The more you understand these objectives, the better the returns you’ll see from your efforts at social media marketing. One single approach does not work for every organization, and Digital Associate’s consultants work with each organization to focus on what matters the most to you as a business owner.


The first needed step to get started is to contact the team for a consultation, and our consultants can evaluate your target market and come up with strategies for turning them into loyal customers. We don’t take the helm of your social accounts, and we understand that your audience doesn’t want to read one-way promotional messages in their news feeds all the time. They want to have two-way interactions across social media platforms. We know the last thing you want is to become an example of a “Social Media Epic Fail” list published across the web. As part of each SEO package we offer consultancies that include:


– Developing a strategy based on your end goals.

– Securing the best user names and profiles to use across all social media platforms.

– Creating content with the tone and message that best fits your brand image


The image that your brand projects onto social media is essential for catching potential customers’ attention and interest. Digital Associate will make sure your social media posts best reflect your brand image. We’ll also monitor your social networks to ensure you’re aware of feedback, reviews and commentary being posted about your business or organization. This vital step ensures you’re always ahead of the online conversation regarding your products or services.



Digital Associate is also well-versed in social PPC tactics, along with standard updates for various platforms. This aspect can be promoted with sponsored content that can be published on several different sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. We also work on the social PR factor, building relationships with the most influential bloggers, online journalists and other types of important publishers. Establishing and building close relationships with these influencers is also a vital part of growing your business through social media promotion.


Each of our experienced consultants at Digital Associate is invested in building and online communities through brands and their customer bases. We’ll develop strategies for helping you build a passionate fan base over time. Our approach will also spark engaging discussion on a regular basis and get your brand a wider scope of coverage across social media.


Our detailed social media analytics will consistently you feedback on your social promotion activity and identify possible areas for improvement. With the insights from your various social media channels, we’ll help you adjust and evolve your approach across each of your channels as needed. Trends and preferences change over time, and staying on top of these changes is also essential for building a solid base of loyal fans who will ideally turn into repeat customers.



How exactly do the two get along?

Search marketing and social media have been on a converging course since each became a thing. In the semantic web SEO is more than just about one thing. Activities that impact on your identity and reputation and affect your online business also affect your offline identity and inform branding, marketing and your future business development.


Bruce Clay of Bruce Clay, Inc. Internet Marketing is a pioneer in the field of SEO. He was one of the earliest proponents of the call for quality content and identity building practices through the creation of consistent content. We will examine how the social web has impacted all this. Whether the greater connectivity across the world has helped drive the quality of search, on offer, up or down. As one of the industry’s greats we shall be pressing him for his best guess on where it is all heading.


There are many challenges facing marketers, companies and individuals working online today. The ‘shift’ towards more transparent working practices is something that affects everyone. David Amerland and +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales will be the hosts. John Ellis and SEOWiSE will work their behind-the-scenes magic, as usual.



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Social Media Marketing
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