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After they watch a product video, those people that have seen it are 85% more likely to buy the product shown.


Video Marketing is a process used by companies to promote their services and products by offering the public attractive, educational and relatively short videos either on their own personal websites or on sites such as Daily Motion or You Tube. These videos are made to get the public’s awareness of the company’s services and products more greatly known. Demonstrating the intended message visually and carefully put together is a great method of making the message appealing and getting it properly transmitted.


The reality is that when it comes to text messages, the intended customer must read through all the text in order to grasp the message intended. It is simply not an efficient way to get the customer to receive the message because it demands their attention and thorough concentration and effort. That same message intended when presented through a visual demonstration takes so much less of the customer’s time and efforts to get the message across. And the visual demonstration invariably will make a greater impression on the recipient and remain imbedded in their mind for a longer time. You should also keep in mind that there truly are many other benefits offered by video marketing for the promotion of your business ideas.


A terrific video marketing advantage is that different search engines such as Bing and Google are always looking anxiously to include in their search engine results various videos. This results in fast indexing of your video, and also greater visibility, particularly if it is uploaded to You Tube, which is owned by Google. This then results in quality backlinks being received, and your search engine ranking improving as a result of those quality backlinks.


Many more new visitors will potentially be attracted by video marketing. And you can share your video on a variety of video upload sites such as Vimeo, DailyMotion and YouTube, just to name a few. And sharing your video on these sites has an added bonus, it is entirely free of charge. Keep in mind that the more places you select to share your video, the increased chance of others sharing your video and perhaps even having it go viral. That’s one of the great advantages of videos. If someone decides they like your services or products, they most likely will be forwarding it to others in their personal social network.


Video marketing also offers the great advantage of getting potential customers involved with your website and consistently learning more about the content you are presenting. The truth of the matter is that 100% more time is spent on pages with videos on then according to MarketingSherpa. It is also reported that 85% are more likely to make a purchase after they watch a video according to Internet Retailer. These two things together have such a powerful and positive effect as people take the time to learn more about your offerings. Invariably this greatly increases the chances that people will be purchasing your services and your products.


It is with people they trust and like that the public wants to do business. And videos help you get those potential customers to better know you and also feel more confident doing business with you. They get to see your face, feel your personality and hear your voice. This happens so easily with a video as compared to a text. People simply feel so much more at ease when they feel that personal connection that is created by a video presentation.
Video SEO (VSEO) – The top 10 ways of How to rank on YouTube using video search engine optimization.

Its not enough to just upload your videos if you want to get top ranking on YouTube, the biggest video search engine in the world, you have to do more and in this video I show you how to rank on YouTube with the top 10 video SEO or VSEO techniques.



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