Essential Steps For Building A Website

Web design is not just about designing websites as many people think. When thinking about this term, there is more to web design than designing a website itself. It requires a lot of creativity, skills and above all dedication. Generally, web site is about various things including authoring, search engine optimization, web graphic design, and user interface design among others.

So, what does web design entail?

1. Creativity
Behind every successful and great web design is creativity. Creativity is what makes every website, blog or basically anything on the internet a success. Creativity in the sense of web design involves a unique design of every web page. Basically, creativity defines it or not a web designing career is successful or not.

2. Web graphic design

When it comes to web design, the ability to be able to ensure that images and text are well are arranged and that space is well utilized is very important and necessary. This is where web graphic design comes in. It involves creating an attractive visual presentation of a website.

3. Interface design

This is also a major part of web design, which involves designing a method with which different pages of a site or even different websites to communicate. It is difficult but a very essential part of web design.

Other than the above essential parts of web design, other areas that web design incorporates include authoring which basically involves developing a website using a desktop publishing format. The user or designer in this case is able to write the underlying code for the website and also the text that will be responsible for a site’s maintenance.

Web design is a very wide topic and while it cannot be fully discussed in this article, you can be sure there is more to web design that you may actually think. From designing a website, to writing and coding it to maintaining a site for SEO optimization, it is something to be reckoned with.


7 essential steps to build a website!

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Essential Steps For Building A Website
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