Start Selling Online With A Ecommerce Website


If you want to start an online business, you need the right e-commerce solutions to get you going. Every business that you see thriving online survives on such solutions. However, you have to know that so as to get started, you should not just choose any of the e-commerce services. You should choose the right company such as Digital Associate which will help you to sell and accept payments online. Since the main reason why you are starting the business is to earn money, you need to know how such money will be channeled to your accounts through a reliable e-commerce company.



Get Selling Online

In order to get you selling online, you require things like shopping carts, payment gateways and other software that will allow your clients to purchase the products and pay for them with ease. Even though there are many companies that provide such services, you need to know that probably, not all of them will be good. When it comes to e-commerce solutions, you should not gamble with your choices because some of the small mistakes that people make are what hinders them from recording the desired levels of online success.
Be Open 24/7

One of the things that people who have retail shops want is to find a way through which they can sell products 24/7. This more necessary when you are trading online because you do not know when your clients will want to buy. If you are selling to the global audience, it becomes more necessary considering the fact that time zones vary. This is the more reason why you should go for the most appropriate company. An e-commerce that allows you to sell your products and receive payments at any time of the day or night is what you require to ensure that your business keeps going.



Work From Home

In fact, the reason why people take their businesses online is because they want to work remotely and sell to the worldwide audience. Instead of being confined in a small building in your local town with few customers, you can maximize on the opportunities that the internet provides and tap into the global market. This also means that you will be able to work from home or anywhere that you want as long as you have a reliable internet connection and the right e-commerce company to take care of every other thing that is needed to make you successful.



Test The Markets

Another thing that you can benefit from such good solutions form a company such as Digital Associate is that you can test the markets before you open a physical store. There are people who would like to start businesses but they are not sure about the kind of environment that awaits them. With e-commerce solutions, you can be sure to get a feel of the markets in order to know the kinds of products that mist clients look for, how they shop and how much you are likely to earn. This will make it much easier for you to set up a store that meets their unique requirements.



Create An Ecommerce WordPress Website In 3 Hours! (Woothemes Wootique)


This website is clean, minimalist e-commerce website for your small business or startup online shop that uses the free Wootique WordPress theme by WooThemes.


No website or coding experience? No worries. I’ll show you step-by-step how to set up this beautiful e-commerce website.


Features of this e-commerce website will include: product image galleries, product variations, social sharing to Facebook, Twitter, & other social networks, coupons, various shipping methods, blog, contact forms, “about us” page, and more.



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How much is this website going to cost?
Host Gator
Installing WordPress
Logging in to your new site
Downloading Woo Theme
Installing Woo Theme
Installing WordPress Plugins
Viewing your website from WordPress
Activating WooCommerce
Setting up your Theme
Setting Featured Products on Homepage
Adding Products in WooCommerce
Selling Digital Products
Clearing Blurry images
Adding New Pages
Adding a contact page
Adding a Blog
Adding Blog Posts
Adding lightbox display blog posts
Adding social network Sharing
Adding Images to your pages
Adding Buttons
Creating a Menu
Setting up Sidebar/widgets
Adding Social Icons
Setting up Shipping
Setting up Payment
Creating Coupons

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Start Selling Online With A Ecommerce Website
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